Original BBQ

Panali offers an original barbeque menu with a variety of seasonal dishes prepared on the bonfire such as steamed rice with vegetable (or other) toppings.
Rate per person is 14,300 yen with tax and includes an optional cooking assistant who will gladly help with the food preparations and cooking if requested. We also lend cooking utensils so please feel free to let us know if you need any.

  • Omakase menu plan
    The menu consists of ingredients selected by our team and includes Miyako beef and Miyako vegetables (fresh salad and grilled vegetables)

Chef catering

Our skillful chef will be happy to prepare your meals to enjoy in your room or at the beach.
All dishes are carefully crafted and feature local seasonal ingredients and island vegetables.

  • You can enjoy seasonal ingredients from Miyako Island.

  • Appetizers made with an abundance of island vegetables.

  • A dish that is a special treat from a chef who was trained in the real world.


Tomari Yasuhiro

Miyakojima native, born in 1984. Moves to Kyoto at the age of 20 to learn Italian cuisine. After gaining further experience in a few French restaurants, he spends some time working in France for a number of prestigious restaurants including Joel Robuchon. Upon his return to Japan at the age of 31, he joins Restaurant État D’esprit as a head chef.
His name is also on the list of the 10 most recommended restaurants of The Japan Times Destination Restaurants 2021 selected by Japanese people.
Chef Tomari`s further achievements include a score of 15.5 points (the highest for Okinawa prefecture) awarded by the French magazine Gault&Millau 2022 and a recognition as one of the 15 “next generation chefs” for Japan in 2019.


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25 minutes by car from Miyako airport and
45 minutes from Shimojima airport.